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2007, 2020

Best Home Accessories to Complement Your Iron Front Door

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There’s nothing like having a gorgeous custom iron front door, but we know that it’s hard to stop there, especially considering that there are so many different accessories you can choose to complement your doors. Just what else is available in wrought iron? We give you some of the best [...]

2606, 2020

The Most Famous Iron Structures in the World

Iron is a versatile building material. While iron can make some spectacular doors, builders can also use it to build entire structures, some of them famous throughout the world. Perhaps the most well-known structure is the Eiffel Tower. This is a latticework of iron which stands 1063 feet tall and [...]

1206, 2020

Designing a Wine Cellar

You may have dreamed about having your very own wine cellar someday—and the good news is that, with the right information, you can build it yourself.  If you need inspiration and ideas, just consult our guide; you’ll learn about wine cellar design, choosing the right location, and much more. Read [...]

506, 2020

Wrought Iron FAQs

At Precise Iron Doors, we are committed to manufacturing high-quality products and creating custom doors out of our clients’ ideas and visions. Our wrought iron doors are produced with the finest workmanship. Professional service exceeds our customers’ expectations every step of the way, from the first consultation to shipping and [...]

1204, 2020

What Are the Benefits of Installing Thermally Broken Iron Doors?

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When you are shopping for wrought iron doors for your home, you want to consider models and designs that are thermally broken. The term “thermally broken” might make it seem like something is wrong with the iron door. Yet, that is not an accurate representation of what this term means. [...]

104, 2020

This Metal Rocks! 10 Facts About Iron

We don’t often think about iron, but this incredible metal is everywhere. It’s used in virtually every part of our lives, from food to transportation, to accommodation and everything in between. The world wouldn’t be what it is today without iron! We love working with iron to make our wrought [...]

3103, 2020

How to Choose a Garage Door

When you get a garage door for your house, you don't just want to buy the first one you can find. You'll want to consider several factors before making a decision. Among the things you'll want to think about before you even leave your house is to think about just [...]

2002, 2020

What Your Iron Front Door Style Says About You

What does the iron front door on your home say about you to your neighbors and others that see your home? Does your door make your home look warm and inviting? Does it cause your neighbors to shake their heads when they walk by because it is an eyesore? Your [...]

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