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Precise Iron Doors is a company based in Los Angeles, crafting extraordinary iron doors with perfection. They are known for their meticulous attention to detail and use of the finest materials to give you an exceptional quality product. Located in the neighborhood of Sylmar, our company has gained much recognition for providing Iron DoorsIron Garage DoorsIron GatesIron Railings, Thermal Break Doors and more, to all of their clients.

For more than a decade and a half, we have been taking our customers’ concepts & dreams to the next level!

At our company, we prioritize customer satisfaction and providing the highest level of professionalism. Our dedication is to ensure that our clients have an amazing experience with us and develop trust in us through our exemplary services. We promise to build lasting relationships with them by exceeding their expectations and enabling the best performance from each member of our team.

We are dedicated to producing the highest quality work for clients by making the installation of remarkable iron doors or gates as straightforward as it can be. We offer no-obligation consultations and quotations at no cost and there are never any hidden charges. When customers request iron doors for sale, we provide accurate prices from the start & remain consistent with the agreed rate throughout the process.

Our team members are talented linguists, speaking multiple languages including English, Russian, Farsi, and Armenian. Additionally, living in L.A., one of the most diverse cities in the world, helps us to be more familiar with global cultures and trends. We strive to provide exemplary customer service, which is why we emphasize communication and openness with our customers. This includes total clarity in terms of product selection, d


Located in Los Angeles, we deliver Iron Doors to our customers all over the US. The safety of your purchases is our priority which is why each Iron Door is carefully packed in wooden crates with several layers of padding to make sure it reaches you safely and unharmed. If a custom iron door is delivered to you damaged, it is key to let the shipper know right away as they are responsible for any harm that may have been caused during transit.

If you’re looking for wrought iron doors, gates or railings, Precise Iron Doors has you covered. Reach out to us at (818) 583-8679 or through our contact page and we’ll be happy to help. Let us provide the iron works solution for your needs! For top-notch workmanship and high-grade materials, all you have to do is pick up the phone or drop an email. Our experienced team will take care of everything from sourcing, selection to delivery, installation and other associated tasks.



Customer Reviews

Here are some reviews of Precise Iron Doors from our customers

star star star star star
Mark Brown 07/25/2023 - Yelp & Google
We just had our entry doors install this last Friday. We are really amazed at how beautiful this door looks and is such an improvement over the door that one of the big box stores installed several years ago. Very good craftmanship. This door makes us feel much safer and secure and it was well worth the wait. Yes, we had to wait several months because of supply chain issues which we fully understood and expected. And comparatively, the price was very competitive. We shopped other local door companies, and nobody could beat their price. The installer, Mike and his assistant, did an excellent job. No scuffs, scratches or any other damage to the drywall, stucco or the doors but more importantly they were both very knowledgeable and courteous. We made the trek from the Inland Empire to Sylmar to check them out based on a referral. It was well worth the trip. I highly recommend Precise Iron Doors.
star star star star star
Dion V. 07/25/2023 - Yelp
These are beatiful doors. The quality is amazing. Everyone who sees them is amazed at what a statement they make at the front of the house. I have been impressed with the after the sale service. I needed a part on the door that broke, and they were more than happy to send me what I needed. My fault the part broke, but they didn't even ask. I'm very happy with the cost, the looks, and the value.
star star star star star
Rodney Gallman 07/24/2023 - Yelp & Google
My new iron doors are beautiful! My wife and I love the Anaya Iron Doors that we have. The doors allow natural light to come in, we have the keyless door pad for locking which can now be done through our phones and we love it. Took us a while to get them but it was worth it. Thanks Precise Iron Doors and all the team members.
star star star star star
Ric K. 07/17/2023 - Yelp
We are very happy with quality of door and great installation by Mike and his helper (sorry forgot his name) They did great job with care! It was long wait but Haik told us up front how long it was going to take, it was worth the wait Call service center was very friendly keeping me up to date on arrival and installation date Thanks
star star star star star
Miguel Laria 07/13/2023 - Yelp
I am very happy With new Iron front door, The door exceeded my expectations in looks and quality. The door did take a while to be installed due to vendor supply issues however, it was worth the wait. Thanks, Miguel A Laria


Replacing, repairing, or adding entirely new iron doors or iron gates to a home or business property is no small matter. Front doors can set the aesthetic tone for your entire building, so it’s important that they are attractive. At the same time, of course, they must also be functional. Precise Iron Doors custom forges wrought iron doors with 12-gauge steel to ensure durability and security while ensuring each door is easy to use.

We are proud to offer our clients the very best in terms of quality, service, and value when it comes to fashioning entryways that are attractively memorable but which also do their job. Our thermal break iron doors and foam polyurethane filling for heat insulation provide a seal that contributes to better comfort and energy efficiency. The quality is the same for our front doors as it is for the garage doors, iron gates, and railings we produce and ship.

Many people are hesitant to install products made of wrought iron. However, our handcrafted doors are waterproof and foam insulated. They do not rust over time and never require any refinishing or other maintenance. In addition, each door features weather stripping to provide a complete seal against water entry and air leakage. Plus, our exclusive thermal break has been tested to ensure that, whether it’s hot or cold outside, your home will remain comfortable.

Create your own custom iron door for the same price as our standard designs. All of our designs are available in double or single doors with square top, eyebrow, top, full round, & square top eyebrow door options.

  • Choose Your Size.
  • Choose Any Design.
  • Choose Any Door Finish Provided by Precise Iron Doors.
  • Choose Any Glass Option Provided by Precise Iron Doors.
  • Door Price Will Be Based on Measurements Only.

Making changes to a residential or business property can be a time-consuming and stressful matter for owners and managers of properties. There are a host of decisions to be made, and expenses can pile up. When it comes to making just the right selection of wrought iron doors or gates, however, we work hard to take the stress out of the process of improving our clients’ properties.

All our iron doors are pre-hung and tested before being shipped out. We are committed to ensuring a high-quality installation and guaranteeing that when a customer orders an iron door for sale, it will fit their entryway perfectly.

At Precise Iron Doors, we place the needs of our clients ahead of all other considerations. That means we provide the very best in high-quality workmanship while offering the lowest prices in the United States. It also means that, behind every iron door, gate, or garage door we build is a ten-year warranty on structures, as well as five years on paint. We guarantee 100% satisfaction—and we can’t think of a better way than that to take the stress out of making needed improvements.

To learn more about our products, options, and custom orders, call Precise Iron Doors at 818-536-7651 today.


  • Highly Rated Customer Service
  • High Quality Wrought Iron Doors
  • We Strive to 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Free Consultation
  • Affordable Prices


  • We Manufacture Our Iron Doors in Our Private Owned Factory.
  • We Strive To Offer The Highest Quality Products At The Lowest Prices.
  • Free Estimates
  • We Have 17+ Years Of Experience
  • No Hidden Fees