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Standard Finishes

Matte Black

Dark Copper

Brushed Medium Copper

Brushed Heavy Copper

Punched Copper

Full Copper

Brushed Medium Silver

Brushed Heavy Silver

Punched Silver

Punched Bronze

Brushed Heavy Bronze

Punched Gold

Brushed Heavy Gold


Glass Options

Clear Glass

Sandblast Glass

Rainstorm Glass

Gluechip Glass

precise iron door glasses image

Pinhead Glass

precise iron door glasses image

Hammered Glass

Aquatex Glass

Reed Glass

Course Linen Glass

Tea Color Glass

Aqualite Glass

Granite Glass

Green Tint Glass

Grey Tint Glass

Low-E Glass

New Diamond Glass

Reflective Glass

precise iron door glasses image

Wood Glass


Door Specifications

Square Top

Square Arch Top

Eyebrow Arch Top

Full Round Top


Window Fly Screen

Worried about flies entering the house when you open the glass? Here is the newest technology of Precise Iron Doors, A Metal Window Fly Screen. It is built with a one piece magnetic iron frame which attaches to the door frame. There is a small additional fee for the screen. Ask your representative today!

stainless steel image 4
stainless steel window image


Door Swing

Right Hand Inswing

door option 1

Left Hand Inswing

door option 2

Right Hand Outswing

door option 3

Left Hand Outswing

door option 4

In-Swing: A door which opens inwards towards the house. This can either be a right-hand or left-hand swing.

Out-Swing: A door which opens out from the house. This can either be a right-hand or left-hand swing.

Left-hand swing:
 The door opens counter-clockwise, regardless of your point of reference.

Right-hand swing:
 The door opens clockwise, regardless of your point of reference.


How To Measure Your Door

Measure the width and height of your door by placing the tape measure like the photo below and we will take care of the rest!

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