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2008, 2015

Keeping it Out, Letting it In

When you think about it, a building of any sort has two basic purposes.  First, it must keep out things that are not wanted – whether it be unpleasant weather, animals, or people – while letting in things that actually are wanted. Indeed, by that definition, an iron door or [...]

1006, 2015

Your Home Really Can Be Your Castle

The old saying that a person’s home is their castle might seem a bit dated, but there’s still some truth in it. Home should be the place we feel the safest.  At its best, it should reflect our personality…from the driveway gates to the backyard fencing. At Precise Iron Doors [...]

2304, 2015

The Right Kind of Finishing Touches

Making renovations on a home or business property can seem like an endless process. There are so many elements involved with creating a truly attractive and user-friendly environment that the number of decisions can simply be overwhelming. Fortunately, Precise Iron Doors Inc. is here to help take some of the [...]

2304, 2015

Iron Gates and Your Home

“You only get one chance to make a good first impression” goes the old saying. Indeed, this truism applies at least as much to homes as much as it does to people. Whether you have iron driveway gates or simply a regular front gate around your home, it’s the first [...]

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