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Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Garage Door

Although your garage door has always been there for you, there will come a time when you need to replace it. Are there any signs to look for to indicate that a garage door replacement may be in your near future? Yes, and here we’ll cover some of the most common.

Unplanned Wrestling Matches

If you find yourself having to push, pull, and jiggle your garage door to get it to open or close, this is a sure sign that you’re probably going to have to replace it soon. After all, the last thing you’ll want is to try to loosen a stuck door during a rain- or snowstorm.

Your Garage Is Feeling Drafty

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A garage door does more than simply hide your vehicle and other items from prying eyes; it can also keep what’s essentially another room in your home insulated from cooler temperatures outside. That being said, another sign that you need to start shopping for wrought iron garage doors is a colder garage’s aging seals and weather stripping.

Making Some Noise

If you wince at the sound of your garage door as it operates, and you are talking to maintenance professionals more than you used to, your door is showing its age, and you are probably spending more time and money to fix it than you should be.

It’s Starting to Sag

Whether you have a garage door made of wood or another material, sagging can be a persistent and annoying problem. It can also mean there’s a more serious problem lurking underneath. Sagging is a sign of long-term deterioration that has reached the point where new garage door installation should occur as soon as possible.

Broken Parts

Another sign that it’s time for a better garage door is finding broken parts. If you’ve noticed that your garage door’s wires are hanging, its hinges are loose, or its handles are broken, you are probably already having some of the problems mentioned above. If this is true, it’s time for a new door.

It Looks Beat Up

Your garage door has likely had its share of wayward pucks, debris from windy weather, and accidental bumps with bumpers or plows. All that contact can cause dents, scratches, and dings that add years to its appearance. However, in some cases, moderate to severe dents can interfere with proper operation, so it’s best to get a replacement sooner than later.

It’s a Throwback

Custom Iron Garage Doors

A garage door that’s been a part of your home since you purchased it may be showing its age. An older-style garage door not only takes away from its curb appeal but can also result in operating problems due to outdated technology. Modern doors offer many benefits, including improving value-adding curb appeal and highly efficient operation.

There’s a lot to love about modern iron garage doors. Precise Iron Doors uses generations of knowledge to craft custom doors that suit every home style. Visit us online to browse our inventory of beautiful doors.

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