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What Are Some of the Different Styles and Designs of Iron Doors?

When you are looking to upgrade your exterior doors to stunning and gorgeous iron doors, you first want to take some time and review all the different iron entry doors styles and designs. Doing so will allow you to decide which ones you like the best for your home or business.

Iron Single Doors vs. Iron Double Doors

Decorative Wrought Iron Double Entry Doors

The first thing you need to decide is whether you want an iron single door or an iron double door. A single door is just that—one door that goes into the door frame and opens into the home. Single doors are well-suited for small entryways or where you have limited space.

A double door features two doors that are installed into the door frame. The doorknobs are in the middle of the door. This is done so that when the left side is opened and the right side is opened, you can maximize the entire entry space. Plus, it makes it easier for hinging the doors to the door frame.

Double doors can be installed into homes that currently have a single door. However, you need to verify with your contractor that you can easily expand the entryway. Double doors are also the perfect replacement for traditional sliding glass doors.

Iron Door Types

There are two general types of iron doors for your home—single doors and double doors. Many people refer to iron double doors as french doors, although one key feature of french doors is that they have glass panels included in the door as part of their design. This makes them different from solid double doors without glass features.

Iron Door Styles and Designs

When it comes to styles and designs, you have a variety of options to choose from for your new iron door.

1. Classical

Classical iron doors include influences from Greece, Rome, Tuscany, and the Mediterranean. You will find curves, swirls, arrows, and other such elements in the door’s design. Another key feature is the use of natural elements like palm fronds.

2. Modern

modern wrought iron double entry doors

Modern iron doors feature bold lines, squares, rectangles, semi-circles, circles, and other geometric shapes. They can incorporate one or more geometric shapes into the door design. Some door designs also utilize glass features to further enhance the “Modern” style.

3. Contemporary

Contemporary iron doors tend to borrow design features from classical, modern, and other design styles. They tend to feature a big, if minimal, design with simple, yet elegant, design work. Some contemporary doors also utilize elements of the “Art Deco” style that often reflect current design trends.

4. Ornamental

Essentially, all iron doors could be considered ornamental when they feature various styles of ironwork in the doors’ designs. However, this specific style refers more to added elements that go beyond the door, including:

  • Eyebrow Top: There is a separate “eyebrow” top over the door that is not part of the door. It is purely used for decorative purposes to further enhance the appearance of the iron entry doors.
  • Sidelites: This is a design element that is used on one or both sides of the door. Some people refer to sidelites as side jambs.
  • Transoms: the transom is the separate piece over the door that can be rectangular, elliptical, or round. Some ornamental doors will have separate transoms above the door and transoms.

Custom Iron Doors

If you cannot find an iron door that you like, you can design and create a custom iron door for your home or business with the features and options you desire, including the intricate ironwork.

To find perfect iron entry doors for your home, including custom iron doors, please feel free to browse our selections online or contact Precise Iron Doors at (818) 338-6269 for further assistance or to order your door today!

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