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The Top 8 Front Iron Entryway Trends for 2020

With people spending more time at home, they are discovering different areas of the home that could need some improvements. One such area is the front door area. Sprucing up the front door on your home has its benefits—like increasing the value of your home and adding to its curb appeal.

Not to mention, your neighbors will be jealous if you include new iron entry doors as part of your front entry door makeover! Aside from getting new iron front doors from your home, here are some more great front door design trends for 2020:

1. Steel Door Frames

Decorative Square Top Iron Entry Doors

Wood frames are out, simply because they tend to wear out and need to be replaced. Wood is prone to rotting, water damage, and mold and mildew. Plus, as it decays, it becomes more of a security liability for your home. A potential intruder doesn’t need to worry about picking a lock when they can simply break the door frame!

2. Iron Doors with Beautiful Glass Features

To let in more light in the entry area, iron doors with various glass features are all the rage. You can choose from a wide array of glass styles and designs. You won’t have to worry about security, either, since iron doors incorporate security features, even when there is glass.

3. Complementary Greenery

On wider entryways, one trend that is growing is the use of various greenery on both sides of the entry door. Small trees in colorful complementary pots or some gorgeous flowers that bloom throughout the summer are some examples of this trend.

4. Mood Lighting

Custom Round Top Wrought Iron Gate

Add some lanterns or some colored or white LED strings of lights in landscaped elements around the front entry door to brighten up the space at night. Mood lighting also makes your home look warm and further adds to its curb appeal at night!

5. Smart Door Features

Smart devices for the home have been increasing in recent years. You could add a smart door lock for your new iron front door. You could also place smart lighting outside the door to turn on automatically in the evening and shut off in the morning. There are even smart doorbells that you can program in a wide range of custom door tones.

6. Natural Wood Elements

If you have a covered front entryway, the use of natural wood elements, from column supports to railings, is trending. You don’t even have to use wood, as there are plenty of other materials that look like wood, such as fiberglass.

7. Solar Panels

While not exactly a direct front entryway trend, solar panels are a good choice when you want to install solar-powered lighting. You no longer have to worry about entryway solar lighting having direct exposure to sunlight if you connect them to your solar panels. You could even add a backup battery to have power available on cloudy and rainy days.

8. Pivot Iron Doors

If you want a front door that is modern and stylish and looks very cool, then you should get a pivot iron door. This style of entry door pivots open and does not rely on frame-mounted hinges. It is perfect when you have limited door jamb space or simply because you want a trendy door for your home.

To find the perfect iron doors for your home, including customization options, please feel free to browse our selections online. Contact Precise Iron Doors at (818) 338-6269 for further assistance or to order your door today!

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