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Iron vs. Wood Front Doors

When selecting a front door, you have the choice of materials. Many people opt for a wood front door, but iron front doors have also become a very popular choice in recent years. When you compare an iron front door to a wood front door, you start to see a clear winner.

Iron doors are much more secure than wood front doors, for starters. They are also exceptionally durable. While iron doors must be galvanized and properly coated to prevent rust, you also don’t have to go out in search of any special chemicals to clean them.

In fact, iron doors can improve the appearance of your entire house. Their uncommonness makes them very striking, and most iron doors also have several windows that can allow more natural light into a room than many wood front doors can. If that weren’t enough, iron doors can also significantly increase a home’s market value.

Iron doors can add a lot to your home, from increased security to better natural lighting. To find out more about how iron doors compare to wood front doors, read the infographic below.

Iron vs. Wood Front Doors Infographic

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