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Iron Gates, Doors and More from Precise Iron Doors Inc.

Precise Iron Doors Inc. has been providing Southern California with high-quality iron gates and custom iron doors for over years. We blend tradition with modern advances in metalworking and design for truly outstanding results.  Precise Iron Doors Inc. builds and installs all of our custom iron works with the aim of surpassing a client’s expectation in terms of quality, usability, safety, and visual appeal. We pride ourselves on creating unique iron doors and gates which are fully customized for the client, tested for fittings, and then shipped for installation.

Precise Iron Door’s wrought iron gates are built with exceptional craftsmanship, exhibiting beauty while still offering a home or building an added layer of functional security and privacy. We can craft and install iron gates of many different sizes and purposes, from closing off small pathways to eliminate outside foot traffic, to driveway gates that help keep vehicles safe from vandals and thieves. Iron gates not only provide security though, as they also offer a dash of style and class for any home or building.

The company’s iron doors come with the option for thermal block technology. Traditional iron doors may allow cold to seep through during cooler months, possibly harming the home or building’s energy efficiency. Thermal break technology negates such a heat transfer or lack thereof.

If you would like to find out more about Precise Iron Doors Inc., please visit our contact page or call the phone number above. Our friendly and professional staff looks forward to hearing from you!