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Iron Doors and Rust

You might be wondering, “Do iron doors rust?” Wooden and vinyl doors won’t rust, but iron doors or any metal hardware will.1 While iron doors can produce rust when facing natural elements, you can avoid these types of occurrences with proper maintenance.

If you’re in a situation where your iron door currently shows rust, don’t let this get you down! The rust on your iron door will be easy to get rid of. It’s wise to get into a routine of cleaning and maintaining your wrought iron doors once a month.

Let’s dive into how to clean and maintain your iron door so you can avoid rust occurrences altogether.


How to Maintain Wrought Iron Doors and Prevent Rust

There’s more than one way to prevent your iron door from attracting rust. Installing a drip cap helps prevent rain or snow moisture from collecting on the top portion of your iron doors.1 You can remove dust and debris from your iron door by washing and wiping the surface.


Cleaning Supplies Needed for Iron Door Washing

Here’s a rundown of common cleaning and maintenance supplies for iron doors:

  • Castile Soap
  • Small Ladder
  • Lint-Free Cleaning Cloths
  • Small Bucket
  • Garden Hose
  • Garden Nozzle
  • Sandpaper
  • Rust-Preventing Primer Paint
  • Metal Door Paint
  • Small Paintbrush
  • Painters’ Tape


How to Wash Your Iron Door

Before you wash the door, go ahead and give it a rinse to remove undesirable elements like dirt, dust, and bugs. After a gentle rinse, mix castile soap in water and use a cloth to gather the cleaning mix before washing the door from top to bottom. Follow up your wash with a rinse, and dry the door as thoroughly as possible. Washing your iron door is a great preliminary step to take before searching for signs of rust.


How to Identify Rust

Rust contains a reddish-orange coloring that appears to be in the shape of a stain. The surface of rust is often flaky. You must take care of rust ASAP as wet rust can run down your iron door and create streaks, while untreated rust can ruin the integrity of your door over time.

Here’s how to get the rust off a wrought iron door:


What to Do if Rust Appears

You’ll be able to get rid of rust if the metal of your door is not deteriorating. You might be able to save a door that’s deteriorating from rust by repairing it before going for a replacement.

If your iron door’s metal isn’t deteriorating from rust, you can:1

  • Scrape the door to knock off loose corrosion.
  • Use a wire brush to remove small amounts of left-over rust.
  • Put a coat of rust-proof primer on the affected area.
  • Apply a quality coat of paint over the primer.

When you apply proof primer to rusted areas of your iron door, do your best to implement even brush strokes and cover all exposed metal before allowing the paint to completely dry.

“Do wrought iron doors rust?” is now a question you can answer and respond to with confidence. With a little care and attention, you’ll extend the life and preserve the presentation of your home or business building’s iron entry doors.

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