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How to Paint Wrought Iron

a man paints a hand-made wrought-iron fence.

A wrought iron door is not only a beautiful thing to have, but the material will last for a lifetime and beyond. However, constant exposure to sunlight and weather can make your door look far older than it is. When you know how to paint wrought iron, your door can look beautiful year after year.

Why Should You Paint Wrought Iron?

Giving your iron door a new coat of paint doesn’t just make it look like new, but also provides extra protection against the elements. When iron is unpainted, it’s left exposed to the moisture that causes rust. Untreated rust will continue to eat away at the iron, ultimately compromising its structure.

Step 1: Gather What You’ll Need for the Paint Job

Cleaning and painting your door will require the following tools:

Wire brush
Paint scraper
Paint brushes and cleaning liquid

Sander and sandpaper
One or more drop cloths
Metal paint
Dust mask

Step 2: Know When and How to Clean Iron

The weather will play an important part in your painting session; it should be warm and dry, and the surface of your door should be as well.

Before you begin, you’ll want to ensure that the humidity is below 80 percent and above 50 degrees. This will prevent moisture from becoming trapped in the paint and transferring to the iron’s surface. It will also allow for a strong bond between the paint and bare metal.

Step 3: Scrape and Sand

Wipe down the entire surface of your door to remove any moisture. Then, use your paint scraper to remove all old paint and expose rust spots. Use the wire brush to remove any rust, and remove the dust with an old paint brush. If you don’t remove all of the paint and rust, moisture will continue to enter and damage the iron.

The metal primer needs to be able to stick as tightly as possible to the metal to stay on the surface for as long as possible. The next step will be to sand the surface. You can do this with a sander or by hand with medium-grit sandpaper.

Step 4: Prime and Protect

Some metal paints are available with rust-inhibiting primer mixed right into the paint. You can also choose to apply the primer separately from the paint.

If doing the latter, check the can for the length of time it’ll take the primer to dry; you’ll want to apply your metal paint as soon as possible after this time to ensure a strong bond between it and the coat of primer.

After the primer has dried, it’s important to once again lightly sand the surface before painting, using medium-grit sandpaper.

Lay your drop cloth under the surface where you’ll be painting. If your paint is water-based, dip your brush in water prior to painting to make for easier cleaning. If using metal-based paint, dip brush in solvent before you paint.

Step 5: Paint

If you’re using spray paint, hold the can between 8 and 12 inches from the surface, keeping it moving. Apply the paint in light coats with several passes to avoid dripping. If you’re using a brush, apply the paint in two thinner coats as opposed to one thick coat.

After the first coat has been applied and has dried completely, you’ll want to sand it lightly before applying the second coat.

Other Tips

Painting your wrought iron door will be time-consuming. Give yourself plenty of time for scraping and sanding, as this is what your primer and paint will be sticking to.

To avoid having to scrape and sand the metal all over again, see the process through. Otherwise, you’ll just waste more time and money.

Denver wrought iron door

A good-quality paint is usually worth the extra investment, as it will contain the best quality and combinations of ingredients for protecting wrought iron and maintaining the paint’s staying power.

Even with the best-quality rust paint, you’ll need to be prepared to touch it up from time to time. Ensure you’ve written down the color number and brand name so that you get the correct shade when needed.

Beautiful Wrought Iron Doors

Whether you’re looking to replace your old wrought iron door or it’s your first time shopping, Precise Iron Doors has styles for everyone. You can also customize your door to suit your home’s unique style.

We create every door using techniques passed down through generations, combining them with cutting-edge technology for beautiful doors you can rely on for life. Look through our website to learn more.

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