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How to Decorate Your Front Door This Holiday Season

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Christmas is coming in strong this year, and it’s time to bring the festive spirit to your front door. As the first part of your house your guests will see, having your front door match your interior design is essential.

So, turn up your favorite Christmas carols because here are the best front door ideas for this holiday season!

Holiday Door Decorating Ideas for the Holidays

These are some of the most popular iron door decor ideas for the holiday season:

The Classic Festive Door

Classic and classy have a lot in common. All you need is the right combination of Christmas red and green for this front door decor.

It could be as simple as hanging a wreath on your door with red baubles and a lot of greenery. You can add other decorative elements to the mix to make your door feel more festive—like garlands.

Add Some Spring Touches

Although Christmas colors are mostly red, white, and green, there’s no hard and fast rule. If you want your home to feel as unique as you are, use colors that feel different.

Highlighting yellow combined with green and other spring colors, like orange or blue, will help your front door stand out from the rest.

Bring on the Greenery

Directly above shot of plants and fruit over white background

Instead of focusing on multiple colors, you should concentrate on one color: green. For instance, you can turn your door into a beautiful display of garlands and wreaths.

Why not take things further with an outdoor Christmas tree on your porch? Christmas lights can make the decor even more impressive, but try not to overdo it.

Play with Your Architecture

There’s a simple trick to ensure that your front decor is always tasteful. Instead of changing your style to fit the decor, change the decor to match your style.

If you have a double door, play around with it and create a subtle yet impactful holiday statement by combining magnolia leaves and ribbons around the door’s frame.

A Simple Yet Classy Decor

If you don’t have the budget or the time, you can simply add a wreath to your front door. You can decorate the wreath with different elements to create a more unique and welcoming look.

However, you can also just place a simple wreath on your door. It’s your door, so you are the one in charge!

Go Big!

Bring nature to your front door by going big with your garlands and wreaths. Hang the garland over your front door and let it fall down the sides.

Don’t forget to decorate the garlands with different natural elements and add some red and earthy colors. Place an oversized wreath on your door for the final touch to create the perfect focal point.

Find the Perfect Iron Door for Your Holiday Door Decor with Precise Iron Doors

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