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How Iron Doors Can Keep Your Home from Heating Up This Summer

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Are you looking for additional ways to lower your home’s temperature during spring or summer days?

Installing an iron door can help you go above and beyond in your effort to cool your home. Quality insulation is the key ingredient that allows iron doors to retain your home’s cool air. Homeowners that experience cold weather can utilize an iron door’s insulation to maintain their home’s warm temperature.

We’re going to further unpack the key design elements that provide iron doors with their superior insulating capabilities.

How Do Thermal Breaks and Internal Insulation Impact an Iron Door?

It’s helpful to visualize heat entering your home as a collected flow of energy. Thermal breaks are diversified layers of material in an iron door that halts this flow of energy from passing into your home. This dynamic results in heat falling back on your door’s exterior, which leads to higher energy savings.

Keep reading to learn more about how thermally broken wrought iron doors operate.

A Closer Look at Thermally Broken Iron Doors

The word “broken” in the phrase “thermally broken” points to the breaking of a thermal bridge. Rises in energy bills can often be attributed to thermal bridges within doors. Materials like iron conduct heat. The cool air traveling toward a wrought iron door’s thermal bridge is much more likely to escape than a thermally broken door.

Door manufacturers break a door’s thermal bridge to reduce its ability to conduct heat. This process involves a break being added to the door’s frame. An insulated reinforced polyamide bar creates this break by fitting inside and outside of the door’s frame.

How Does Thermal Mass Relate to Iron Doors?

Custom Modern Steel Eyebrow Top Double Doors with Glass Panel

Thermal mass describes a material’s ability to collect and retain heat. A material’s composition and mass are the two driving factors that dictate thermal mass capacity.

Iron doors can gather and maintain high levels of heat. This natural process translates to lower levels of heat passing through your door compared to other materials like steel. An iron door collects heat on the outside to keep the inside of the door cool.

An iron door’s thermal mass continues to benefit your home’s internal temperature with its ability to collect cool air from the inside and gradually release that air back into your house. Homeowners looking to save money on energy bills can continuously reap the benefits of this eco-friendly cycle.

Are you ready to commit to a door that helps keep your home cool when temperatures rise?

Contact Precise Iron Doors for a Consultation

Precise Iron Doors is happy to evaluate your home to make recommendations on thermally broken iron doors that fit your house’s style and your budget. A consultation with our company allows you to ask questions about what’s involved with a thermally broken iron door’s installation and maintenance.

Thermally broken iron doors are your key ingredient to a more energy-efficient home. Give Precise Iron Doors a call today at 844-830-6707 to begin your search for the perfect thermally broken wrought iron door.

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