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A Go-To Home Security Checklist

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Security remains a top priority for homeowners far and wide. Maintaining a high level of security within your house comes down to thoroughness and preparation. Assembling and completing a home security checklist can help you more accurately evaluate your level of protection.

Let’s dive into our list of suggestions you can utilize to keep your home secure.

Home Security Suggestion #1: Install Motion Sensor Lights

Burglars aren’t ones for the limelight. Motion sensors are a smart way to let potential intruders know that you value your home’s security. Consider adding motion sensors around your property’s garage and sheds for a complete level of protection. A triggering of a motion sensor light gives homeowners the quick alerts and visibility they need to know their surroundings.

Home Security Suggestion #2: Make Your Home Appear Inhabited

Criminals are on the lookout for homes that appear unoccupied. The problem is that no homeowner is at their house 24/7. Light timers can serve as an excellent way to create the illusion that you’re home when you’re away. Set the clock on your light’s timers for the time you’re gone, and let the technology do the rest.

Certain security companies offer homeowners smartphone apps that allow you to operate your house’s lights from your phone while away. This ultra-convenient technology offering adds a new layer of connectivity to your home security system experience.

Home Security Suggestion #3: Secure Windows

We’re not talking about adding a more complicated password to your computer. Your first step in securing your home’s windows is checking for any broken locks. Windows with malfunctioning locks are naturally going to be easier to force open. Replacement locks serve as a cheaper alternative to buying a new window when a window’s lock proves insufficient.

You can go above and beyond with your effort to secure your home’s windows by integrating metal rods into a sliding window’s tracks or by adding bars in more vulnerable areas.

Home Security Suggestion #4: Purchase a Home Security System

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All-inclusive home security systems are a key ingredient to a safer house. These systems are equipped to provide homeowners with real-time responses to security threats.

Here’s a quick list of features you can expect from an all-inclusive home security system:

  • Motion sensors
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Glass break detectors
  • Remote access capabilities (smartphones, computers)
  • 24-hour monitoring

Home Security Suggestion #5: Access Locks

Malfunctional locks are some of the most significant security threats a home can face. Deadbolts are the most difficult locks for an intruder to manipulate. External doors benefit the most from deadbolt locks due to their accessibility. You can gain more peace of mind by rekeying any of your home’s pre-existing locks. The rekeying process involves an alteration of the lock, so the previous key no longer works.

Do your best to get extra keys so you can face less stress during an emergency or lockout situation. One spare key per home family member is a solid rule.

Home Security Suggestion #6: Store Valuables Out of Street View

Safes are an excellent way to securely store your most valuable possessions. A safety deposit box can serve as a solid alternative to a safe. These two protective storage devices can be opened through a key or combination method.

It’s worth noting that your high-value possessions should remain out of view. Burglars will look through a home’s window to evaluate the space for any golden opportunities. Keeping jewelry, guns, or money within street view is a surefire way to attract unwanted attention.

Home Security Suggestion #7: Increase Outside Visibility

It’ll be hard for you to detect an intruder on your personal property if your view from the inside is blocked. Low outside visibility from inside of a home can be attributed to untrimmed greenery like hedgings. Do your best to organize your property in a way that facilitates your ability to scan what’s going on outside of your home.

Home Security Suggestion #8: Opt for Wrought Iron Doors

A surprisingly high 34% of burglars enter a home through a front door.1 Entryway materials like wood are easier for a burglar to kick down. Your best bet in deterring a criminal from entering your home is installing wrought iron doors.

The appearance of wrought iron doors, alone, is enough to deter a burglar from attempting a breach. Iron doors are made of durable materials that aren’t easily manipulated. Homeowners can acquire wrought iron doors with iron portions that extend over the entryway’s glass sections for increased protection. This dynamic allows homeowners to maintain visibility without sacrificing security.

Are you curious how you can add a wrought iron door to your home for better levels of protection?

Complete Your Home’s Security Checklist with Precise Iron Doors

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The installation of a wrought iron door is a tasteful addition to your home’s security checklist. Custom design options from Precise Iron Doors make it easy to integrate an entryway that provides superior protection while simultaneously complementing your home’s appearance.

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