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5 Elements of a Tasteful Wine Cellar

There’s a lot that goes into creating a tasteful wine cellar. Aside from prized, well-aged bottles, there are many elements to consider when designing a space that best showcases your prized bottles and your immaculate taste.

The key to a good bottle of wine that stays good is proper temperature and humidity control. Wine optimally ages when it is stored between 55 and 57F, with a relative humidity of 60%. This ensures that your bottles age slowly while it prevents a dry or molded cork.

To maximize the storage capacity of your wine cellar, install wine racks. Most racks are designed to store bottles horizontally, which prevents cork drying. Wine racks can be customized to meet any size or shape specifications that you may have.

Who says a wine cellar is just for storage purposes? Add furniture and accessories to the space to make it more functional and elegant. Consider chairs and tables, or even an upturned wine barrel to finish off the area.

Wine cellars should be kept dark, but tasteful lighting makes the space more usable. Lanterns and low lighting will create a beautiful ambiance in your wine cellar.

Last but not least, spruce up the entrance with a wrought iron door. In the past, iron doors and gates were used to protect against theft. Aside from added security, these doors add an elegant decorative element that will look stunning in your home.

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Tasteful Wine Cellar Infographic

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