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Driveway Gate Buying Guide: Which One’s Best for You?

Driveway gates elevate a property’s aesthetics and serve a functional purpose. Properties that contain a driveway gate automatically have a higher level of security. You’re in complete control of who can enter. Granting visitor access results in elegant doors opening. The result leaves guests with a positive first impression.

Considering the different factors that go into purchasing these gates helps you determine which design works best for your needs. We’re going to begin by discussing the importance of a driveway gate’s swing.

The Gate’s Swing

Gates that swing into a property make up the overwhelming majority of driveway gates. Some driveways have their gates swing out due to the property’s layout. A driveway with a steep upward slope can call for an outward swinging or sliding gate.

Some driveways are very small. A lack of driveway space can make outward swing gates necessary. It’s been said that inward swinging gates create more of a welcoming feel for visitors. Do your best to install an inward swinging gate if your property can accommodate this design.

Custom vs. Prefabricated Gates

Door Iron Gate & Wrought Iron Gate

The difference between custom and prefabricated driveway gates is straightforward. Companies provide prefabricated gates, so you have numerous styles, designs, and finishes to consider. Prefabricated gates can help spark inspiration for creating a custom driveway gate.

Do you have an exact driveway gate style and size in mind? Customizing a driveway gate can help you realize your dream driveway vision. Playing a part in your driveway gate’s design results in a deeper connection with your property.

Entry Type

Arriving outside of your gate prompts the need for entry. Most people today prefer automatic gate entry methods due to their convenience.

Keypad entry systems are very common. These keypads operate through physical and touchscreen buttons. Homeowners looking to achieve a more modern feel might want to consider a touchscreen keypad for a coded entry.

Some keypad entry setups allow users to enter a code and utilize telephone entry. A call to the gate’s system can allow you to open and close the gate. A remote entry system operates in the same fashion as a garage door opener. Visitors will need an alternative way to enter your property if you opt for remote entry.

Automatic sensors are great for when you’re exiting. The gate’s sensors will exist inside of the gate to eliminate potential security risks.

Gate Material

Wrought Iron Exterior Entrance Gate with Ornate Scrollwork

The two materials that make up most driveway gates are wood and metal. Wooden driveway gates tend to be more obstructive. This results in more privacy for the homeowner. Metal gates are far more durable than wooden gates.

The classic appearance that metal gates hold will offer visibility and last for years. Visibility is great for homeowners that value an awareness of what’s going on outside of their property.

Precise Iron Doors Driveway Gates

Precise Iron Doors emphasizes the importance of craftsmanship during our manufacturing process. The wrought iron gates we produce offer the ideal balance of beauty, durability, and functionality.

We invite you to browse our different types of driveway gates before giving us a call at 844-830-6707.

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