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Wrought Iron Railing Interior Design Ideas to Improve Your Home

Outside Iron Staircase Railing

There are few design elements that possess the timeless class, style, and charm of wrought iron railing. One of the best things about wrought iron is that it can beautify and improve the look of your home whether it’s placed inside or out. Here are some great reasons and ideas for incorporating wrought iron railings into your home’s design.


Why Wrought Iron?

Wrought iron is legendary for its durability. With proper care, your wrought iron railings can last for well past half a century and much longer when they’re installed indoors. Talk about getting value for your money!

Another great aspect of wrought iron is its strength, which is especially important when considering railings for your home. Wrought iron railings offer a solid, safe, and reliable way for everyone to traverse indoor and outdoor stairways.

Those wanting to add curb appeal to their home need look no further than wrought iron. Today, a home with wrought iron features like railings is one that will attract all kinds of attention. For those who are selling their homes, this can mean a lot of additional value.

Today’s modern technologies and the easiness of working with wrought iron mean that you can get both traditional and modern designs of railings for your home.


How and Where to Incorporate Wrought Iron Railings

Iron and Wood Staircase Railing - Copy

Iron features can certainly add a lot of style but, when that feature is something like a wrought iron porch railing, it can also add loads of impact. An interior with neutral walls and floors can get a good dose of contrast and drama when beautiful black iron stair railings are installed.

The versatility of wrought iron includes the many colors in which it can be painted. Of course, traditional black iron can be gorgeous in any setting, but you can also have it painted to match your color scheme.

You may love the look of wrought iron, but maybe not so much that you want your entire staircase to be made of it. This is where iron’s versatility can really shine: You can combine iron with other materials like wood. You can swap out wooden spindles for wrought iron spindles or a design that allows you to keep the look and feel of the wooden handrail.

Wrought iron can also be shaped to add visual interest to railings. The railing on your back porch may have always gone directly to the ground, but imagine how it would transform the look of your home to have a stair that descends in a curve that leads to your driveway or back yard. This is the impact that an exterior wrought iron railing can have on your home’s look and feel.

Those who install wrought iron railings inside and out soon discover just how much elegance, style, and value they can add. Precise Iron Doors uses techniques passed down through the generations to create beautiful custom iron railings for every home, and we are ready to exceed your expectations. View our online inventory today.