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Which Wrought Iron Design Best Matches Your Home Decor?

Wrought iron is an ancient, durable, and incredibly beautiful material. Yet, with so many styles, choosing the best door for your home’s décor can be difficult. Here are some options to consider.


The Right Color and Finish

Matching your iron door to your home’s existing style can be accomplished via choosing by color and finish. If your home is in a classic style, consider a door with a copper or gold finish. Modern homes can benefit from the clean look that a darker-colored door provides. In addition, you can match a door according to other aspects of your home, such as the paint color.


Shape and Design

Iron doors come in a wide variety of shapes and designs. An arched iron door can be ideal if you want that old-world feel, but you can also get iron doors with standard square tops as well. As for designs, iron doors are available in every style imaginable, from elaborate scrollwork to romantic filigree, to modern minimalist.

Selecting a matching iron door for your home doesn’t have to be stressful. This infographic from Precise Iron Doors makes the process fun and easy by revealing even more ways to choose your door.

Which Wrought Iron Design Option Best Matches Your Homes Decor