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What Are the Benefits of Installing Thermally Broken Iron Doors?

When you are shopping for wrought iron doors for your home, you want to consider models and designs that are thermally broken. The term “thermally broken” might make it seem like something is wrong with the iron door. Yet, that is not an accurate representation of what this term means.

What Does Thermally Broken Mean?

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The term refers to the ability of an object to resist conducting thermal energy between one location to the next. The direct opposite of being thermally broken is called being thermal bridging. When something creates a thermal bridge, it allows thermal energy to easily pass from one location to the next.

In other words, thermally broken iron doors break the thermal bridge and stop thermal energy from passing from location to the next. So, this is a good thing since a thermally broken door will keep hot or cold air outside and warm or cool air indoors, where you want it.

But Aren’t Wrought Iron Doors Thermally Conductive? 

Yes, wrought iron is a thermally conductive material since it has no insulation against thermal energy. As such, cold or hot air can transfer from the exterior to the interior of wrought iron. However, to break the thermal bridge, wrought iron doors are filled with various insulating materials during their manufacturing processes.

What About the Glass in Wrought Iron Doors? Isn’t Glass Also Thermally Conductive?

Basic glass is indeed thermally conductive. You can easily see this on the windows around your home if they gather condensation on them when it is cold outside. However, thanks to advances in glass manufacturing processes, there is now thermally broken (tempered) glass that can be used to further enhance the look and appearance of thermally broken iron doors.

Why Should I Get Thermally Broken Iron Door Installation for My Home?

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There are several benefits of upgrading the doors on your home to thermally broken wrought iron doors, including:

1. Iron Doors Last Forever

Generally speaking, iron doors last a very long time with regular maintenance and upkeep. Most homeowners never have to replace their doors again during their lifetime, unless they want to change designs to fit with current door trends.

2. Keeps Noise Out and Privacy In

A thermally broken door not only provides a break to the thermal bridge but also helps reduce noise levels coming from outside while also keeping noise contained inside the home for added privacy.

3. Improves Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Thermally broken doors make your home more energy-efficient since the thermal energy bridge is broken. This means you will also save money on your heating and cooling energy bills.

4. Improves the Security of Your Home

A fun fact is most burglars skip by houses with wrought iron doors. The doors already have anti-theft deterrent features like the sturdy bars that not only offer ornamental aesthetics but also protect the glass.

5. Increases the Value of Your Home

Besides keeping your home safer and more comfortable, iron doors also increase your property value. If you ever decide to sell your home, you can expect a higher sales price as potential buyers view iron doors as a superior amenity when shopping for homes.

6. Adds to Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Iron doors are aesthetically pleasing and add a touch of elegance to your home. There is a wide array of designs and styles to choose from to fit with any color scheme on the exterior as well as interior colors and décor.

Upgrading your home to thermally broken iron doors offers numerous benefits. To explore the different designs available or to inquire about custom wrought iron doors for your home, please feel free to explore our door designs online or call Precise Iron Doors at (818) 338-6269 to speak with one of our wrought iron door design experts today!

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