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What Are Pivot Doors?

When you want to give your home a different look, pivot doors or butterfly doors can completely transform any room—but what are they, how do they work, and where are some of the best places to put them? Join us as we answer these questions and more.

What Exactly Is a Pivot Door?

The best way to answer this question is to compare a pivot door with a traditional hinged door. A hinged door opens and closes from the side of a door frame, but a pivot door opens and closes from the top and bottom of the door frame.

How Do Pivot Doors Operate?

The hinges that are installed on the side of the door frame are what allow traditional doors to swing open and shut, but modern pivot doors swing open and shut from a single point, or pivot, that’s located at the top center and bottom center of the door. This ensures the full functionality of the door and ensures that the door stays up.

Are There Any Benefits to Installing a Pivot Door?

Wrought Iron Pivot DoorsThere are many benefits to replacing a traditional door with an iron pivot door. The way in which a pivot door sits in the frame gives it more strength and stability than a traditional door hinged to one side of the frame. Pivot doors are completely supported by their pivot points at top and bottom, allowing for the entire door to be supported.

Another benefit of pivot doors is that they allow for a complete and uninterrupted view when opened. As well, they don’t waste any space; pivot doors will use a far greater percentage of the available space in a door frame than a traditional door. They are also much easier to open and close, requiring only a simple push. Finally, it simply cannot be denied that these doors look nothing like any other door and, as such, make a real impact on every space.

What Home Design Is Most Suited to Pivot Doors?

These doors were originally designed for commercial and industrial buildings and have become a popular choice for homes. They do add a modern feel, simply because their operation is so innovative. At the same time, because they can be created from virtually any material and are available in such a wide variety of sizes and styles, pivot doors can be installed in any style of home.

Where Are Some of the Best Places to Install Pivot Doors?

Pivot doors can really be installed anywhere. They can connect the outside to the inside when installed as a patio door. A pantry pivot door makes it easy to transport items to and from the kitchen. Or how about a pivot front door or garage door? It really all depends on the goals you have for your space.

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