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Top Tips and Tricks for Decorating Wrought Iron Front Doors for the Holidays

Wrought iron front doors offer their own beauty and charm year-round. Yet, when the holiday season arrives, it is not uncommon to want to put holiday decorations and other holiday-inspired touches on the exterior of the home, including the front door. Decorating your door can present some challenges because you do not want to damage the natural finish of your iron doors.

Tip #1: Decide how you will decorate the exterior of your home.

The first step, before even getting to the front door, is deciding what decorations you will place on the exterior of your home and where. Will you use strings of lights on outdoor shrubs and bushes? Do you plan on hanging lights along the eaves and around the door frame? By taking the time to think about how you will decorate, you can start to focus on specific decorations for your door.

Cute brick cottage with red bows and greenery

Tip #2: Use lighting to accent the door’s natural beauty.

If you have space in between the wrought iron bars and glass on your front door, you can wrap lights around each of the bars. You can use battery-powered lights if you don’t want to worry about running power to the lights.

Tip #3: Secure holiday wreaths to the door using a wreath hanger.

Some people might use wires or other methods for hanging up wreaths. For a single door, use one wreath hanger with a padded backing that is secured over the top of the door and a large wreath in the center. For a dual door, use two padded-backed hangers and two smaller wreaths. If you want to light up the wreath, you can run the power cord for the lights under the hanger and into the home or use battery-powered lights.

Tip #4: Use wrought iron safe door decorations.

You can try a magnet to see if magnetic decorations would stick to the door. If so, there are tons of different holiday magnets you can use to transform your front door. Another option, if you want to decorate the glass or magnets won’t stick, is to use iron-safe vinyl decorations. Vinyl won’t pull off the finish of the door when you remove it at the end of the holiday season.

Tip #5: Use a holiday-themed door wrap or banner.

House decorated for Christmas outside

Another option is to use a door wrap or banner. These can easily be secured on the inside of the door by using magnetic ends or sticky-type vinyl. You could also take a huge ribbon and large bow to transform your door into a present.

Tip #6: Keep it simple, using a few key elements.

The last thing you want is having over-cluttered wrought iron front doors that distract from the rest of your outdoor decorations. For example, you could use some light-up lanterns along the entry path to your front door, use a seasonally white door wrap, and hang an evergreen garland with lights over the top arch of the door.

Tip #7: Use a projector to light up wrought iron entry doors.

If you really want to keep things simple and easy, using a projector is the most efficient holiday decoration. You just wrap the door in the white vinyl screen and aim the projector at the front door. You will have to place the projector in a position where it can project the holiday-themed images onto the front door at night.

By using these tips and tricks, your wrought iron front door can be the best-decorated door in your neighborhood this holiday season.

If you want to experience the charm and elegance wrought iron entry doors can add to your home, please feel free to browse our online selections or contact Precise Iron Doors at (818) 338-6269 for further assistance today!