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The Evolution of Garage Doors: Basic to High Tech

Frameless garage door from Precise Iron Doors

Although far from the technological marvels they are today, garage doors existed long before the first car was ever created. No house is complete without one of these doors, and the more modern they are, the more convenient they become. Today, we’ll take a look at the history and evolution of garage doors!

The First Garage Doors in History

Garage doors have existed, in concept, for thousands of years. During the Roman Empire, these structures first made an appearance. They were used to keep chariots and, later, horses and other means of transportation, safe.

Usually made of wood, garage doors in ancient times were considered essential among the wealthiest members of society. However, they were also used during the Olympic games to store chariots and horses before a race.

It wasn’t until the early 1900s that garage doors evolved into something similar to what we know today. The automobile revolution came hand in hand with the garage door revolution.

Personal garage doors began appearing around 1906. By the end of 1920, they became common in most households with a car.

When Were Garage Doors Openers Invented?

By the year 1921, the first overhead garage door was invented. It was the basis for the garage doors we use today and was manually operated initially.

Five years later, in 1926, the first electric garage door opener appeared on the market.

Post World War II Evolution

The invention of the first garage door opener changed the entire industry. However, the post-war landscape saw the biggest push forward when it came to garage doors. With more vehicles being made for families, garage doors became widely popular nationwide.

Multi-car garages were introduced soon after the war ended. Seeing them in apartment blocks, residential areas, and businesses was common. Additionally, stylistic trends using garage doors started to appear.

People wanted the garage to be closer to the home, which prompted the invention of safer and quieter electric garage door openers.

Sectional Garage Doors

The end of the first World War also marked the appearance of sectional garage doors. Although steel models were yet to be invented, sectional garage doors made of timber became widely popular as more affordable options.

Unlike previous models, sectional garage doors open vertically and are suspended from the ceiling to maximize the available space. By taking up less space, sectional garage doors allow easier maneuvering inside and outside the parking space.

Roll-Up Garage Doors

The post-war landscape saw many innovations, including roll-up garage doors. These doors are made of horizontal steel sheets, and their mechanism coils up the sheets in a roll at the top of the ceiling.

A roll-up garage door can maximize space in a garage with little room to work with. It is easier to use than manual garage doors while providing increased security for your home.

High-Tech Garage Doors

The first step toward the garage doors we know today came in the early 1980s when manufacturers began using different materials, like glass and wrought iron, to provide better safety and more stylish designs.

During this time, manufacturers left behind the idea of simple garage doors. They started innovating with models that provided unique features.

Your garage door wasn’t just another functional part of your home anymore. Instead, it became a smart and stylish structure that every house needed.

Benefits of modern garage doors for garages with windows:

  • Smart opener: Features like smart garage door openers make using the door easier and safer for you and your family. Some manufacturers also allow you to connect the garage door opener to your smartphone to access your garage door opener from anywhere.
  • Energy efficiency: Modern garage doors made of wrought iron are thermally broken to improve your home’s energy efficiency. A thermally broken garage door seals the inside temperature, preventing air leaks and reducing the strain on air conditioners and heaters.

Find the Perfect Garage Door for Your Home with Precise Iron Doors

Modern house with frameless garage doors from Precise Iron Doors

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