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Should I Remodel My House? 5 Signs That It’s Time

Architectural drawing plans and tools

Home remodeling projects are always purpose-driven. A primary motivating factor behind home renovations is the desire to increase a home’s market value. Homeowners, understandably, want to make their home more valuable than when they originally bought it. Renovations are a great way to add a breath of fresh air that enhances your house’s lifestyle for a future owner.

A certain percentage of homeowners might undergo a remodeling process to make way for future family members. Understanding why you should remodel your home is easier than knowing when it’s time to initiate upgrades. We’re going to unpack the top telltale signs that it’s time for a home renovation.

Let’s jump right in.

Sign #1: You Have Roofing Issues

Roofs are one of the first things that you and the people viewing your home notice. Deterioration within your home’s roof undoubtedly reduces curb appeal. Roofing issues that aren’t noticeable can still present significant issues like leakage.

A few hidden dangers of leakage include:

  • Attic and ceiling damage
  • Mold and mildew growth
  • Higher utility bills

Insufficient roofing implies a poor installation job or a rotten infrastructure. Avoid pesky leakages and exterior eyesores by keeping your home’s roof in quality shape.

Sign #2: Floors with Wear and Tear

A common wear and tear issue with flooring is detachment within a tiling system. Detaching tiles signals a deterioration of the system’s grout work. Bathrooms and kitchen floors tend to experience wear and tear more quickly with their higher levels of water exposure.

Floor renovations allow you to explore design options that can increase your home’s value. Wood often serves as a popular floor renovation option for homeowners due to its sleek aesthetics that result in a double-take.

Sign #3: Your Paint Is Aging

Aging interior and exterior paint are hard to overlook. Worn, dirty, and chipping paint can represent damage from external factors like dirt and chemicals. Cleaning items inside of your home can be equally as useful as a fresh interior paint job.

A new coat of exterior and interior paint can take years off of your home’s appearance.

Here are a few areas that are helpful to focus on when repainting your home:

  • Crown molding
  • Baseboards
  • Kitchen and bathroom cabinets
  • Any paint that’s beginning to yellow

Sign #4: Your Home’s Style Is Dated

Remodeling is all about introducing the new. High-value homes emphasize the idea of form following function by integrating current design trends.

Red flags that indicate your home is dated include:

  • Wood paneling
  • Pastel bathrooms
  • Laminate countertops
  • Popcorn ceilings
  • Bathroom carpets
  • And more

Small improvements go a long way in helping a home feel modern. Design elements like contemporary light fixtures can be bought on Amazon for under $100 and installed professionally for around $400. Attention to detail and steady work are your keys to revamping your home’s image.

Sign #5: Insecure Doors and Windows

Ornate Wrought Iron Front Entry Doors

Security is a vital goal for homeowners everywhere. Few things are going to compromise your home’s security like insecure doors and windows. Burglars often target a home’s doors and windows when looking to gain entry. Window locks and shatter-resistant glass are a more visually appealing security option than bars. Homeowners looking for more secure doorways can benefit from the durability and deterring appearance of wrought iron doors.

Burglars searching for compromisable doorways are more likely to avoid a wrought iron door and target other door materials like wood. The image of a heavy wrought iron door with a proper locking mechanism is visually appealing from the curb and discouraging from an intruder’s perspective.

Renovate Your Home Today with a Wrought Iron Door

Precise Iron Doors is here to help you succeed in your home renovation process. Homeowners and prospective home buyers are bound to fall in love with the compelling appearance and quality security that wrought iron doors provide. Contact Precise Iron Doors today at 844-830-6707 to take a step toward a satisfying home renovation.

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