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Prevent Home Invasion with the Best Front Doors for Safety

Criminals tend to target homes that look less secure and easy to access. If you are worried about potential burglars breaking into your home, you will want to examine your home from the viewpoint of a thief.

You need to do a complete walk around the home to determine how easy it would be to break into your home. Begin with the front of the home and ask yourself the following:

Burglar trying to force a door lock using a crowbar

  • What is the front door made of?
  • Could it easily be opened using a crowbar or other such tools?
  • Do you have security screens on your windows and doors?
  • Is there sufficient lighting on the front of the home at night?

Next, move on to the sides and rear of the home asking similar questions. If you have a garage, you also want to evaluate the security of the garage. If there is a door and/or window, could these easily be broken to gain entry into the garage and home?

After you do your assessment, you will most likely want to make some improvements to your front door, patio door, and other doors on your home. Some of the best front doors for safety are iron front doors. They are considered the safest front door and can also be used on other entrances into the home to increase security.

Why Iron Front Doors?

wrought iron doors

You want to choose a door that is as solid as it looks. Iron front doors are. They are injected with polyurethane foam insulation to create a solid and sturdy one-piece threshold with the door jamb. They also feature solid bars welded to the door when there is glass on the door. The glass itself is thick tempered glass, which means it is harder to break.

Another benefit of iron doors for your home is they do not deteriorate over time from weather and exposure to the elements. Other types of materials can weaken and become less secure. For example, wood doors frames can rot.

As wood rots, it is easier to break. Even if you have a top-of-the-line solid steel door on the home, if you have a rotting wood frame, it won’t matter. A skilled burglar can pop the rotting frame out and gain entry into your home.

Create the Safest Front Door with the Right Accessories

In addition to adding iron doors to your home, there are other accessories you will want to use on your custom iron door. These accessories further improve and increase the security of your home.

  • Add a Reinforcer Plate: This is a metal plate that is three-sided and is added around the deadbolt and door handle. You may be able to include this as a customization option when you order your iron door.
  • Add a Security Camera or Wide-Angle Peephole: You want to be able to see who is at the door without opening it. You can do this with either of these options or add both.
  • Use Quality Hinges: A door is only as strong as the hinges and door frame it is attached to. Your iron door is a custom one-piece door and frame design. It will include high-quality sturdy hinges too.
  • Add a Deadbolt or Two: You will want at least one deadbolt on the door. Deadbolts make it much more difficult to break in compared to a door handle with a lock. Some people also add sliding deadbolt bars on the interior of the home to further reinforce the security of the door.
  • Add a Strike Box: A strike box is a much stronger strike plate than the standard one found on most doors. Your custom iron door can be created and installed using an upgraded strike box.

Upgrading to iron doors can and does improve the security of your home. To learn more about iron doors, door designs, or to obtain a free quote for custom iron doors, please feel free to browse our website or contact Precise Iron Doors at (818) 536-7690 today!