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Iron Facts You Didn’t Know

Iron is a material we may not give a lot of thought to, but for centuries it has been chosen whenever durable and strong structures are needed. Despite its many advantages, there are some facts about iron you may not know about.

1. Wrought Iron vs. Cast Iron

metal decorative fence

Wrought or worked iron was traditionally processed by blacksmiths with hammers and anvils in hand. Today, this pure form of iron lives on in decorative items like contemporary iron doors and fencing. Wrought iron continues to be created with the same techniques as in days of old. This type of iron is very easy to bend and becomes stronger the more it’s worked.

Cast iron is made from a mixture of iron, carbon, silicon, and manganese, along with other elements. This alloy is turned into liquid before being poured into a mold. Once it’s cooled and hardened, cast iron is very strong. However, due to its makeup, it’s also less malleable and more brittle than its wrought iron counterpart, making hammering, stretching, or bending it into shape impossible.

Rod iron is iron that’s made in the shape of a flat bar. This particular type of iron is what is used as the raw material for making nails.

2. The History of Iron Is Long and Colorful

According to estimations by archaeologists, iron has been used by people for longer than 5,000 years. Many ancient mythologies contain references to blacksmithing gods. The Bible also makes multiple mentions of this metal. When iron beads from ancient Egypt were examined, they were found to be made from the iron found in meteorites.

3. Iron Is Absorbed by This Bacteria

It may sound like the name of a supervillain, but magnetospirillum are real. These four species of bacteria ingest iron.1 When they do, interactions with proteins in their cells and the iron form magnetite, which is the most magnetic mineral on the planet. The bacteria then use the produced magnetite to orient themselves to the Earth’s magnetic field and, in this way, travel through their environment.

France - Eiffel tower

4. These Famous Structures Are Made Entirely of Iron

Probably the most well-known iron structure, the Eiffel Tower remains a popular tourist attraction and an important part of wrought iron history, despite the fact it wasn’t that popular at the time it was completed.

Before the Civil War, the all-iron Bollman Truss Semi-Suspension Bridge was the first design of its kind to be successfully used by railroads. Delhi’s Iron Pillar is a 1,600-years-old complex comprised of mosques and monuments, all made of wrought iron.

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