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How to Secure Your Home with Iron Security Doors Without Sacrificing Style

The doors on your home do more than just function as entrances and exits or to keep out the elements. They also help keep your home secure from burglaries. Yet, many people do not consider the security aspect of the doors on their homes. Instead, they think about the appearance of the door and its curb appeal.

Iron security doors are one type of door that offers security and aesthetically pleasing options to beautify your home. Selecting the best wrought iron doors for your home provides you with many different designs, styles, and options.

How to Select the Best Wrought Iron Security Doors

Decorative Double Wrought Iron Entry Doors With Side Glass

The first thing you need to decide is what type of wrought iron security doors will provide the appearance you desire. There are doors with ornate ironwork, basic doors, doors with different types of glass, and so on.

One effective way to decide what style of iron door works best is to take a picture the front of your home and use the picture when comparing door styles. Does one wrought iron door look better when compared to others? Are there specific features you desire like frosted glass?

Once you narrow down your door choices, the next step is to consider the security aspects of the door for your area. Some areas have higher crime rates than others. If your neighborhood has a high crime rate for home burglaries, then you may want to ensure your wrought iron door also has iron bars that have been shaped into stunning designs over the glass.

Don’t forget your back door when upgrading to rod iron security doors. If you have a sliding glass door, then you may want to replace it with a dual french-style wrought iron door since it is more secure.

Isn’t Iron Security Doors with Glass Just Making It Easier for Burglars?

Most people are surprised to learn the glass used in wrought iron doors is very sturdy against breakage. It takes much longer for the glass in an iron door to be broken because it has a higher breakage resistance rating. As such, the glass is resistant to shattering and most types of tools burglars use to gain entry.

Not to mention, the ironwork on the door provides added security. The ironwork functions similarly to iron bars installed over glass on traditional doors. Rather than giving your home a prison-look and feel, the ironwork looks stunning while making it more difficult to access the glass, let alone gain entry to the home.

Modern Custom Iron Exterior Door With Side Glass

Why Upgrade to Wrought Iron Security Doors?

According to SafeAtLast, 34% of burglars enter the home through the front door, while 22% of burglars enter the home through the back door.1 This means that 56% of burglars use doors to break in. By upgrading to wrought iron doors, you make it more difficult for burglars to gain entry.

The frame on the doors, as well as the wrought iron, are very durable and strong. They are resistant to being kicked in. Combined with high-quality security locks and deadbolts, gaining access becomes very difficult. Most burglars will not even attempt to break into a home with wrought iron doors because they know how difficult it is to break in and want to avoid being caught.

To learn more about iron security doors for your home, as well as what safety features are available, please feel free to browse our doors online or contact Precise Iron Doors at (818) 338-6269 for further assistance today!



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