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How to Modernize Your Home: Modern Interior & Exterior Design Trends

Modern Interior Design TrendsIf your home needs an update, there are many ways to modernize it without the noise and mess of renovations. These trends, including concrete elements and modern iron doors, allow you to transform your home’s interior and exterior to a fashionable and contemporary style.


Achieving a Modern Look Inside Your Home

The modern style is all about clean lines, whether horizontal or vertical. Furniture with metal legs and iron stair railings is a great example of modern style. Adding industrial art to the walls will help echo the modern style of furniture and other accessories and draw the eye upward to help connect these elements and make your home feel that much more clean and airy.

Function and practicality are also aspects of modern style. Industrial elements, such as cage lights and metal shelving, combine the modern look with plenty of function and add even more lines to your beautiful modern interior. Don’t forget other functional items like faucets and mirrors; there are also many options for these in the modern style.

Because minimalism and openness are also elements of the modern style, rooms with as little clutter as possible will make rooms seem and actually be more spacious. Consider removing non-functional items or getting items off of floors and onto shelving.


Modernizing Your Home’s Exterior

Modern Garage DoorAnother great material that can be used to achieve a modern look is concrete. For example, concrete planters can look great on either side of a wrought iron entry door or installed at the entry to your garden or driveway. It also works very well outside for decks and stairs. Try it as walkway and garden edging, too; concrete can handle all weather and provide plenty of curb appeal.

Windows can also get the modern treatment. Extend the lines of iron doors to your window frames, right down to their color. Floor-to-ceiling windows framed in iron also allow more natural light to enter and showcase your new style. The plainer and cleaner the exterior of your home can look, the better, but it’s important to strike a balance between this modern aspect and the other architectural features of your home so that each receives equal attention.

Installing an iron gate is a great way to add modern flavor outside but, if your garage door has seen better days, you might consider also giving it a modern look and feel by exchanging it for a wrought iron garage door. These garage doors are available in several modern styles, or you can have your door customized for a look that’s all your own.


Top-Quality Wrought Iron Elements for Every Home

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