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How to Measure for an Iron Door

Wrought iron front entry doors bring timeless elegance and durability to any home, but before you can install your dream door, you need to make sure it’ll fit, and this requires taking measurements beyond height and width. We walk you through how to measure a door for replacement.

Ensure You Have the Right Tools

Custom French Iron Doors With Round Top Transom

You’ll need 3 tools: a tape measure, pencil, and paper. Your tape measure should be retractable, steel, and long enough to cover the height and width of your door frame. A pencil and paper will allow you to record several measurements immediately so you know they’re exact. Another person to help is also useful; not only can they help you keep the tape measure steady, but they can confirm any numbers you’re unsure of.

Measure More Than Once

You will always want to ensure the highest possible accuracy with custom wrought iron doors; if they receive inaccurate measurements, your door will not be the size you need and will have to be corrected.

Doorway Width

The width of your doorway needs to be measured across the top, across the middle, and across the bottom. This should be done from inside your home with the door closed completely. Extend your tape measure from the inside of the right door jamb to the inside of the left, or the points at which your door rests when it’s completely closed.

By measuring width in this way, you can note any areas where your door frame may not be straight. This provides an opportunity to replace it prior to installation if needed.

Doorway Height

This measurement should also be taken with the door closed and with you inside. This time, you’ll be measuring from the bottom to the top first, ending your measurement inside the door jamb at the top. Then you’ll want to do this from the middle of the door to the top, as well as the edge of each side of the door for additional accuracy.

Doorway Depth

Man Worker Working On Custom Iron Doors

Your door’s thickness, or depth, is the next measurement you’ll need. With the door open, measure across the same part of the door where your doorknob and lock pass through. Be sure to measure at the bottom and top as well as the middle of the door.

Additional Details

Your door may be straightforward in terms of its design. However, if your door has additional features like windows on the sides or an arch at the top that you wish to keep with your iron door, you’ll need to know how to measure for a new door. For side windows, also known as sidelites, simply measure their width and height. To measure arches or curves, record length across the bottom and height from the middle of the bottom to the top of the arch or curve.

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