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Home Investment Tips: How to Raise the Value of Your Home

Anyone who’s ever experienced a renovation knows that it can be messy, ongoing, and expensive. When you want to raise your home’s value, making major renovations is just one of many options. These tips will allow you to make value-boosting changes quickly and easily.


beautiful color swatche

A new shade of paint can be one of the quickest ways to increase home value and instantly transform it. A simple change of paint color can alter the size of any room. Large spaces can be made to look and feel smaller with darker shades. In rooms or hallways with little in the way of light, choose lighter shades to open them up.

Don’t underestimate the power of the accent wall, either; painting one wall a contrasting shade from the rest can add lots of impact and drama. When considering which wall will be painted, choose the one that has a feature you’d like to draw attention to, such as a fireplace or painting.

Treating the exterior of your home to a new coat of paint can give it new life. There are a lot of fun modern shades to choose from, but bright or garish colors won’t benefit your home’s curb appeal or boost its value. Instead, choose shades that don’t overwhelm your home’s architecture or the rest of your property. There are many stylish colors that can help you boost value and add that “wow” factor to your home.

Open Up Your Space – Literally

Okay, this tip is technically a renovation, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be a major renovation, just a single wall. A more open floor plan, especially near the kitchen, dining room, and living room is something that many buyers are looking for when purchasing a home. A bonus of opening up your space in this way is that light will now be able to travel through it uninterrupted, which will make it appear even larger and more appealing.

A warning: It can be difficult to stop at just one wall and, before you know it, you could be knee-deep in improvements, additions, and extensions that can end up costing you much more than your home is worth.

Increase Efficiency

Although it may not seem very exciting, increasing energy efficiency can add a ton of value. There are many ways to achieve this goal, but some are more popular than others with home buyers. Homes that are more efficient in terms of heating and cooling costs are at the top of wish lists, as are those with energy-efficient windows and doors and modern siding.

However, buyers also gave points for appliances and lighting that were energy-efficient. That being said, it can be difficult to choose which upgrades to go for. Where this is the case, consider which upgrades offer the most impact in terms of increased energy-efficiency. For example, swapping out even ten windows in your home can earn you well over a 50% return on your investment and add over $10,000 to your home’s value.

Newer appliances are a big priority for the majority of home buyers, with only ten percent not counting this upgrade as essential or desirable

Update Instead of Renovate

copper bath sinks

Another option is to modernize certain features of a room. Instead of ripping out cabinets and installing new ones that a home buyer may end up scrapping, give your current cabinets a facelift. This can be accomplished by repainting them, changing out handles and pulls, or both. Updating the sink and faucets can be accomplished quickly for a big impact on would-be buyers.

Installing modern bathroom faucet and lighting fixtures is another way to add impressive and modern style for buyers to admire. In addition to lighting and faucets, you can give your bathroom an upgrade by adding a stand-up shower in addition to a tub, or by having a new one-piece tub and shower unit installed over your existing one.

Add Outdoor Space

If you want to add something new to your home that won’t require the mess of a major reno but will add instantly usable space, consider building or adding on to a deck; it’ll add outdoor living space without costing as much as a full reno. Here again, a caution: There is much to choose from in the way of deck features and, as such, it can be very easy to get carried away.

To keep your costs and workload low, it can be a good idea to be modest; while you don’t necessarily have to go all-out with a big fancy deck, even adding enough outdoor space to allow placement of a table and chairs and a barbecue can boost your home’s value. Plus, it will give something for future homeowners to expand on if they wish.

Add Lasting Value

Where it comes to adding value to your home, there are some items that can last a lifetime and offer other benefits, such as added security. Modern iron doors are a great example; there is no doubt that iron is a long-lasting and durable material but, today, there are many beautiful designs to choose from.

Why would you want to swap out a traditional door for an iron door? Well, these doors can definitely boost your home value as well as curb appeal. There are also many other reasons beyond this to choose wrought iron doors.


Modern Wrought Iron Double Entry Doors

Over time, many items in your home will respond to changes in temperature by expanding, contracting, and settling, and your front door is no exception. You may have noticed that your door doesn’t open or close as easily as it used to. A door can become warped with temperature changes, and exposure to all sorts of weather can make it a lot harder to live with.


Every door will experience its share of abuse during its lifetime; weather and physical impact can result in dents, scratches, and other battle scars that together can make your door look years older than it actually is. You may have tried to paint or repair it, only to find that these only temporarily solved the problem.


An older-looking door that sticks constantly is definitely frustrating for your household, but it can mean lost money on your property’s value. This is not only due to its appearance but also to your home’s security; a home with a front door that can be easily breached isn’t good for you or for those who will eventually purchase your property. Even if you aren’t planning to sell in the near future, it’s crucial to ensure the security of your front door.


Security is always a good reason to change your door, but so is your bank account. An ill-fitting door will provide an easy escape route for air, which can cause your heating and cooling bills to skyrocket. This can also have a negative effect on your home’s property value. Replacing your existing front door will provide a reliable seal that will help to keep your costs low.

Check Out Precise Iron Doors

Purchasing a new iron front door from the right company will not only ensure a perfect, secure, and reliable fit, but it will also ensure you never have to fight with your door every time you use it.

Iron doors are available in a variety of unique traditional and modern styles, all beautiful, impressive, elegant, and attention-getting. There is no material that can compare to iron when it comes to providing your home with security.

Precise Iron Doors offers you all of these benefits and more; all of our doors are completely customizable for a look that’s truly unique. We use techniques passed to us through the generations and combine them with modern technology for beautiful doors that last a lifetime and beyond. Visit us online to view our inventory.