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Great Garage Door Makeover Ideas

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Your home may have tons of attractive features, but if your garage door has seen better days, you may be missing out on the curb appeal and that first impression so important to a high ROI. These ideas will give your garage door personality and style.

Get Out the Paint

The right color can make a world of difference to the look of your garage door. Here’s an easy way to find it.

Assess the Flow

Take a look at your home from a distance. Its roof lines, window frames, and other architectural details create a certain visual “flow.”

Too much of one color on garage doors can interrupt flow, and they can be completely disconnected from the rest of your home if they’re in a different color. Choose a shade for the door frame that matches your home’s window frames, and then paint the background in the same color as your siding.

Add Attractive Hardware and Features

Certain accents can really play up a home’s classic elements, helping you pay tribute to days gone by.

These Classic Additions Are Easy to Install

Hinges and cross boards can give your door lots of vintage appeal. Purchase metal hardware or get the look with magnetic products that create the illusion of windows, boards, and nails for beautiful carriage house garage doors.

These kits can make your garage door look brand new with or without paint, leaving the option to give your garage door paint and hardware when time and weather allow.

Add New Windows

If your garage door’s windows are looking older lately, replacing them can add a lot to your home’s curb appeal. If you don’t have windows, the good news is that they can be added for a brand new look, and there’s more than one way to accomplish this.

Real, or Illusion?

You can swap your old windows for new, and even have your garage door modified to accept windows. Finally, you can use paint or magnets to create the illusion of windows. Remember that magnetic hardware kit mentioned earlier? Most of these include faux window panels along with their magnetic hardware.

Show It off

What can you do besides painting and hardware to get a garage door noticed? Light it up! Choose from a wide array of easy-to-install solar lighting, or opt for a more permanent solution with hard-wired products.

Bring It All Together

You don’t have to limit your lighting to the garage door; strategically placed illumination on yard features, down paths, and around your front door will help bring cohesiveness to your entire home after the sun goes down.

Go for Brand New

Maybe you’ve considered the above ideas and have decided that you want something completely different. If this is the case, an aluminum door can make a modern and beautiful addition. Not only is aluminum incredibly lightweight, but several finishes are available, including natural wood for a perfect match to your home.

Your new aluminum garage door can also include windows of tempered glass up to ½ inch thick for lots of natural light and a sleek look.

Beautiful Aluminum and Glass Garage Doors for Every Home

Vermont Garage Doors

Precise Iron Doors offers framed or frameless aluminum garage door options. Every aluminum door we create goes through an anodizing process to provide extreme durability.

We’re proud to have been one of the first companies to design and install our modern frameless aluminum garage door. Today, it’s our biggest seller in Los Angeles and has made us a market leader in the supply of frameless custom garage doors.

We invite you to visit us online and view our garage doors styles, specifications, and color options for glass and door material. Discover the many benefits of working with a company that puts skilled craftsmanship into everything they sell. Call 840-830-6707.

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