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Details You Should Iron Out Before Ordering Your Custom Wrought Iron Door

Iron doors are a tasteful addition to any home or business building’s exterior. Your property’s doors are a long-term investment that has the potential to create a striking first impression on visitors.

Whether you’re in a design phase or looking to update your current property’s exterior, several details are helpful to sort out before ordering custom iron doors. We’re here to unpack how to choose iron entry doors by considering elements like design, door details, and swing. When you carefully weigh these details, they’ll come together to create an aesthetically pleasing and efficient entryway for your home or business building.


Door Design 

Choosing an iron door design revolves around making a selection that complements your home’s or business building’s current design. If you’re in a redesign process, take time to zoom out and consider how iron doors will fit into your new plans.

You’ll have the opportunity to select a traditional or modern iron door design in a single or double door variety. Many people select darker metal shades like gray for their iron doors—but don’t feel like you have to run with the crowd. Iron doors are available in a wide selection of colors. If you do opt for an iron door with color, make sure that the paint is high enough in quality to last you the long haul.

Functionality is equally as important as visual appeal when it comes to selecting iron doors. We recommend that you inquire about an iron door’s Energy Star rating to understand its energy efficiency in critical areas like insulation.

Nailing down your iron door’s details will help you go above and beyond with your home or business building’s presentation.


Door Details 

Glasswork is a popular addition to iron doors. You’ll notice that many iron doors contain glasswork on their upper half, but you’ll have the choice of adding glasswork throughout your door if you desire. An element of choosing glass for your iron door includes working out what textures you want the glass to contain. Frosted panes and geometric patterns are two common examples of how you can make a positive impression with an iron and glass front door. Consider showing off your iron door’s details with some optional sidelights.

Handles are an essential aspect of doors that people occasionally overlook. Consider what style of handle you’re looking for. When you choose a door handle that suits your needs, the next step is to select a door handle finish.

Door handles act as a nice segue into our next topic of iron door swing styles.


Door Swing 

Choosing an iron door swing style is all about what’s most comfortable and efficient for your home or business building.

Door swing styles include:

  • Right-hand inswing
  • Left-hand inswing
  • Right-hand outswing
  • Left-hand outswing

You’ll need to have adequate space within your door’s entryway if you select a door that swings inward.

Let’s wrap up our discussion on choosing iron entry doors by touching on how your budget should guide your search.



Your goal should be to find an iron door that suits your price point without sacrificing any quality components. The good news is that iron doors contain economical materials. You’ll have no problem finding wrought iron doors in a range of prices.

Precise Iron Doors has been producing quality iron doors with high-end technology for over 14 years. Contact us to learn how our professionalism, service response, and quality workmanship can help you customize your wrought iron door.