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Choosing the Right Wrought Iron Door Finish for Your Home

Wrought iron doors are designed to last a long time with regular door maintenance. As such, it is essential to take the time to consider the different wrought iron door colors when adding wrought iron doors to your home. Since you will have the door for quite some time, you want to make sure it adds beauty and charm to the curb appeal of your home now and in the future.

Step 1: Think about your home’s style.

There is a wide variety of home styles like contemporary, Victorian, Tudor, ranch, Mediterranean, Spanish Colonial Revival, and so on. When selecting iron door colors, think about what colors best complement the style of the home.

Step 2: Think about what time period or place your home fits into.

Luxury house in modern style with garden

If your home is supposed to fit with a specific geographic region, like Spain or the Mediterranean, you want to make sure the wrought iron door finish matches. You can look up door colors on homes in those areas to get inspired and see what colors work best.

Step 3: Evaluate other similar homes in your neighborhood.

Most subdivisions will have similar home styles in various designs. Take the time to walk around your neighborhood to see what door colors other people use for their homes. When looking at the door, ask yourself whether the door color adds to the curb appeal of the home and if it complements the beauty and charm of the home.

Step 4: Think about your tastes and preferences.

You might have a favorite color that you want to reflect on the exterior of the home in your new wrought iron door. That is perfectly acceptable, as long as you consider the other steps in choosing the door color. Yet, if it doesn’t fit well or would make your home stand out in the wrong way, then you would want to choose a different color.

You could incorporate your favorite color in different ways that could complement the iron door. For example, you could use your favorite color for the trim around the door, shutters on the home, trim around the windows, and so on.

Step 5: Consider the design of the door.

Don’t forget to also consider the design of the door when deciding on the color. Iron doors come in a wide range of designs. Some have intricate ornamentation and glass panes to add to their beauty and charm. Sometimes it is better to choose the door color that will allow the additional door features to stand out on their own.

Step 6: Consider your natural surroundings.

Blue door of a yellow Greek house decorated with flowers

Remember to think about your natural surroundings like your landscaping and hardscaping. Tie this in with the neighborhood evaluation you did previously. Most homes will have similar colors based on where they are located.

For example, in Southern California, many homes have Spanish-inspired features in their designs, as well as the use of warmer colors like various shades of reds, yellows, and oranges. Beach homes tend to have modern-contemporary and Mediterranean influences featuring the use of warm and cool colors.

Step 7: Review wrought iron door finishes available from your door manufacturer.

Your door manufacturer will feature a wide range of wrought iron door colors you can choose from when ordering wrought iron doors. If you do not see the finish you want, inquire about customization options to get your doors in your desired color.

To find the perfect wrought iron doors for your home in the color you want, please feel free to explore our iron door colors, options, and designs online or call Precise Iron Doors at (818) 338-6269 today!

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