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Best-Selling Wrought Iron Door Designs of 2020

Durability and tasteful designs are just a couple of reasons why wrought iron doors remain popular today. Home and property owners face little to no maintenance, with wrought iron doors, and the doors have extensive opportunities for customization.

Wrought iron door customization can increase your home’s energy efficiency and help you incorporate an entryway that complements the rest of your home.

Let’s take a look at the hottest-selling wrought iron doors of 2020 and break down what makes these designs unique.

Must-See Design #1: Custom #103

This entryway’s curvature allows arched wrought iron doors to come in handy. The owners of this home were able to select an arched wrought iron door that fits seamlessly within this entryway, while the door’s dark tone creates a beautiful contrast that blends effortlessly with the home’s exterior.

Part of what makes this wrought iron entry door’s design exceptional is its glasswork. While many iron doors contain glasswork on their upper half, this popular design makes a bolder statement by incorporating sizable reflective glass that increases the homeowner’s privacy.

Must-See Design #2: Victoria

Small details go a long way when reviewing a wrought iron door design. This wrought iron door’s glass work features an opaque frosted pane for privacy inside the home and emits elegance through intricate scrollwork.

The lengthy history of wrought iron doors is tied to their reputation for signaling wealth and status. With its dignified design, this wrought iron door creates a classy atmosphere that positively impacts visitors. While this classical wrought iron door is sophisticated and dignified, it isn’t excessively ornate. Instead, this Victoria door lives up to the reputation that wrought iron doors hold by offering a traditional design that’s sure to draw compliments.

Must-See Design #3: Vector

Home or commercial property owners that choose to customize a wrought iron door have the option of selecting a single or double door variety. This double-wide example features a modern iron door design that diverts from the traditional path of our previous two examples.

Owners of this wrought iron door can enjoy a simple style that’s marked by clean lines. While the approach is subtle, the minimalist nature of this wrought iron door’s design is attractive, in that it’s uncluttered. One of our favorite aspects of this Vector wrought iron door is that the design creates an open feel that simultaneously emphasizes functionality.

Must-See Design #4: Munic

The final popular 2020 design we’ll be highlighting reflects how Spanish-style iron doors can serve as head-turning additions.

There’s a precise balance that helps this wrought iron door’s design contain a sense of clarity. The bold swirls and turns that cover the frosted glass panes are reflected in other essential elements of the door, such as the handles.

If you’re looking for a wrought iron door that contains Latin American design features, you can’t go wrong with the Munic.

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