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Best Home Accessories to Complement Your Iron Front Door

There’s nothing like having a gorgeous custom iron front door, but we know that it’s hard to stop there, especially considering that there are so many different accessories you can choose to complement your doors. Just what else is available in wrought iron? We give you some of the best accessories.

Go Big

Did you know that you can enjoy the classic look of iron anywhere, even in your garage? It’s absolutely possible when you choose a custom wrought iron garage door. Iron in this part of your home can look absolutely perfect on its own if there’s no other iron, or it can be the perfect match to an exterior iron door.

Another place to really go big and add a lot of security to the outside of your home is to add iron to the entrance of your back yard. Iron is not only imposing but, when you install a sturdy gate, you’re also increasing your home’s safety and adding a beautiful feature all in one.

Add Drama

In addition to an iron gate or garage door, there are also many ways to incorporate iron on the inside and outside of your home. Iron is an ideal material for an interior staircase; against a white or light color scheme, black iron can add contrast and style without additional weight.

A wrought iron railing can also be painted and form part of your staircase when framed with wood. Outside, your railing can accent the entry to your front or back porch or surround an elevated deck for added safety and beauty. Thanks to the modern industrial style trend, iron accessories can be found everywhere. A great match for iron stair railings can be a bookshelf or light fixture.

Concentrate on the Details

Making a big impact doesn’t necessarily have to mean going big. For example, if you’re a homeowner who appreciates fine details, then you might want to check into what’s available in terms of custom hardware.

What types of hardware can you get for your home? Think hinges, door knockers, and knobs. In addition to these accessories, don’t forget that your door handles themselves are another option that can be made of wrought iron in a wide range of beautiful classic and modern styles. What kinds of iron hardware will you choose to complement your existing door? Whichever suits your taste best.

Where to Get High-Quality Iron Accessories

Where it comes to modern iron, there are no hard and fast rules; you can get iron for your home in any style, pattern, or surface you like. When you want the highest possible quality, choosing an experienced company is the best way to high value for your money.

Precise Iron Doors specializes in top quality custom iron doors and accessories to suit every style. Using the generations of knowledge passed down to our craftspeople, we create beautiful doors, gates, railings, and hardware that not only impress, but are timeless, strong, and low-maintenance. Visit us online today.