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Are Wrought Iron Doors Safe?

vermont ornate steel double entrance doors with scrollwork

Security is an essential factor that influences the type of doors you select for your home. Wrought iron doors go above and beyond their surface appeal by offering property homeowners a safer entryway option. Receive the best of both worlds with a wrought iron door’s sophisticated aesthetic that contains a superior safety design.

Let’s dive into the essential components that support a wrought iron door’s ability to protect your home.

Intimidation Factor

Wrought iron doors hold a bold presence that deters burglars from attempting a break-in. Every intruder is going to aim for entryways that present the lowest levels of resistance. Easy-target doorways include glass and wooden doors. A criminal can easily smash a glass door or kick in a wooden door.

A recent statistic points out that 34% of burglars use a home’s front door to gain access.1

Opting for a wrought iron front door leaves the kind of impression that you’d like to impart on unwanted visitors.

Unbeatable Durability

Rotting and warping are out of the question regarding a wrought iron door’s ability to stand the test of time. The strong material that wrought iron doors contain is infused with steel that creates a hefty weight.

Your run-of-the-mill intruder is going to have a difficult time getting past the sturdy makeup of a wrought iron door. This inherent durability runs counter to a burglar’s objective of gaining access as soon as possible. A longer break-in time naturally increases the odds of a criminal being spotted.

Weather-Resistant Performance That Translates to Security

Many types of doors gradually lose their impenetrability over time. Inclement and unpredictable weather conditions are a primary catalyst of doorway deterioration. Wrought iron doors can withstand harsh weather conditions without losing their impenetrability. This significant durability factor offers the security you need for the long haul.

Homeowners that utilize a wrought iron door for their front entryway can expect decades of long-lasting quality.

Glass Protection

The security risks associated with glass doors are undeniable. It doesn’t take much force for an intruder to shatter glass and reach through the other side of your door to manipulate its locks. Wrought iron doors allow you to experience the aesthetic benefits of glass without compromising your home’s security.

Homeowners can cover a wrought iron door’s glass sections with metal bars that provide protection and visual appeal. A criminal that breaks through the glass sections of a wrought iron door will have a more difficult time reaching inside due to the metal obstruction. Custom wrought iron door design options allow you to cover your door’s glass without creating a jail-like appearance.

Increased Visibility

Wooden doors are a surefire way to decrease your entryway’s visibility. Installing a peephole or minimal glass panes inside a wooden door won’t give you a comprehensive view of your home’s outside surroundings. The sturdy glass panels that wrought iron doors contain allow you to fill in the blanks of your home’s outside view.

Custom wrought iron doors give homeowners the options they need to facilitate visibility without compromising appearance.

Embedded Locks

double entry metal door with decorative grille

Burglars use a variety of tactics to get past doorways. It’s common for an intruder to use particular tools to disassemble a door’s locks from the outside. Wooden doors pose an especially high risk for this type of doorway intrusion.

The sturdy build quality of wrought iron doors isn’t the only obstacle blocking a criminal’s entry. A high-strength iron enclosure protects a wrought iron door’s lock from unwanted manipulation.

Are you ready to commit to a safer door for your home?

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