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5 Ironclad Ways to Instantly Boost Curb Appeal

Square Top Double Iron Entry Doors

What is the first thing you think when you pull up to your home after a long day at work? Are you proud of what you see … or does your curb appeal need a little help? If you’d like to upgrade the way your home looks from the street, there are plenty of simple options at your disposal. Whether it is new iron doors or a number of other options, adding curb appeal to your home doesn’t have to be difficult.

New Paint

This is an easy place to look when a curb appeal upgrade is on the menu. If your home has been bearing the same paint for a couple of decades or more, chances are it’s looking a little worse for wear. That’s particularly true in Southern California where the abundant sunshine can fade even the best paint job. With a fresh coat of paint, your aging home will suddenly spring back to life.

Add an Iron Door

There are few upgrades you can make to your home that will have quite the visual effect as wrought iron doors. This is a beautiful addition that is not only visually appealing but functional as well. Iron front doors make a bold statement, and they are available in a variety of styles so it’s easy to pick one that will suit your tastes.

Fresh Landscaping

Curb appeal is not only about the house itself but also what is between the street and the house. If your landscaping is a little drab or overgrown, investing some time and effort in this area can go a long way. Try adding some new plants, make sure the weeds are all cleaned up, and keep the grass trimmed to a tidy length.

What About the Garage?

For some homes, it is the front of the garage that is seen from the street more than anything else. If your garage makes up much of what you see as you drive up, consider adding an iron garage door to turn this part of the house into a focal point. Just as is the case with iron front doors, iron garage doors come in a variety of styles.

Custom Iron Garage Doors

Consider New Lighting

Don’t forget that the curb appeal of your home may not always be seen in the daylight. To spruce up your home’s looks after the sun has gone down, add some lighting to strategic spots across the front of the structure. Depending on the design of your home, these lights could be placed on the garage, by the front door, along the walkway, etc.

Order an Iron Door Today!

A new iron door is sure to grab some attention, but you need to work with a trusted supplier to get a quality product at a fair price. To learn more about our products or to ask any questions you may have, please contact us today for assistance. We are excited to serve you!

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